Professional ADAS Camera Calibration for Performance and Safety

The advent of sophisticated automotive equipment such as automatic collision detection, distance control, parking assist and many more means an increase in cars featuring cameras and sensors. Soon it’s likely that 75% of vehicles on the roads will feature some type of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

If the car is involved in an accident (even a minor knock), requires a new windscreen, has had a wheel alignment adjustment or an update of the ECU, the cameras used in ADAS require recalibration to ensure the equipment they relate to continues to work properly.

Expert camera calibration is vital 

This isn’t a job for the novice - it requires trained experts to recalibrate cameras properly; without skilled attention a wrongly calibrated camera will prevent ADAS equipment performing properly so making the vehicle possibly a liability to drive. It could be almost as dangerous as not wearing a seat belt.

This is where we come in; The Autoglaziers are the ONLY independent windscreen company in Yorkshire offering this specialist and vital service.

Convenience and expertise

Following a windscreen replacement or a bump of some kind, customers have previously had to go to their car's dealer to have the ADAS camera - or cameras - recalibrated. With a significant investment in training and equipment, we can now handle this as part of our roadside service.

But it doesn't stop there. Along with private and business motorists, we can offer ADAS camera calibration (for all ADAS systems) to the following:

Bodyshops - we can help ensure ADAS systems cameras function properly rather than you having to take repaired cars to the respective franchised dealership

Independent garages and repair centres - if you lack the expertise in ADAS camera calibration call us in

Our service is provided at the highest standards

We have the training and the latest equipment [provided by industry experts HELLA] to efficiently and effectively recalibrate a wide range of camera based ADAS systems from most manufacturers. We can:

  • Check all ADAS systems before and after any accident
  • Recalibrate the camera - or cameras - to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Provide a report for you to file for insurance purposes

Peace of mind

As the area's ADAS camera recalibration specialists, we are able to offer a fully mobile service.

Keep a note of our number or call today if we can help sooner on 0800 044 3085.