Windscreen repair prices

Is it expensive to have a chip repaired? Well, the cost to repair a chip or the cost to replace a windscreen will really depend on three factors:

  1. What’s the damage to the windscreen (is the windscreen just chipped or has it actually cracked?)
  2. Which glass is damaged (windscreens can be repaired but other door glass and rear screens must be replaced)
  3. Whether your insurance policy covers you in any way for windscreen or glass damage

Repair chips before it’s too late

If you have a chip in your windscreen, don’t delay, because, with just mild changes in temperature, that chip can turn into a big crack - and a crack can’t be repaired - so that means a new windscreen and much higher charges. Don’t delay - call us now!

Free windscreen repairs!

With many insurers, if you are fully comprehensively insured, chip repairs to windscreens are usually covered. That means you can get a chip in your windscreen repaired for free, or if not, for a very small excess.

When it comes to chip repairs...

  • The chip has to be smaller than a £1 coin
  • The chip can’t be within 10cm of the edge of your windscreen
  • Your windscreen can’t be heated or coated

If you are able to put a tick next to each of those three, then in most cases, we will be able to quickly repair that chip for you.

Call 0800 044 3085 now to find out if we can repair your windscreen for free.